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The only one



I’m sure Naruto knew it.


I’m sure Naruto knew Sasuke wasn’t good. 


Because of this, Itachi left Sasuke to him,

because Sasuke is still lost in darkness


And you, Naruto, are the only one who can save him. 



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Why are people shocked about this?

Why are Sasuke stans complaining about his character development being “upstaged” or “ruined”?

If you are gonna stan for Sasuke, then you have to stan for ALL of Sasuke. You don’t get to ignore his shady motivations and the moments where it looked like he was…

Anonymous asked: do you think sasuke will die?




Naruto said he’s not Ashura and Sasuke is not Indra. Nardo will not let things end up like it ended up with those brothers´~  :3

And ofc there’s Sakura. I think she will do something similar with this:

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I dont’ want say anything, but….just a friendly reminder that in the last few chapters sakura is having more panel time again!!!! Do you guys know what I mean?? Another moment for her will come soon, and probably it will be related to that foreshadowing about her duty to save sasuke from the… →


While I understand that many people are mad with Kishi for doing this (I’m too to some extent) with Sasuke, I have to disagree on something.

Kishi is not ruining Sasuke’s character.

This fight was foreshadowed since the moment Sasuke defeated Naruto in the valley of the end.

Sasuke is a very…

My thoughts on Naruto 692 →


I don’t want to sound too cocky or too confident.

But I believe three things will emerge from this inevitable Sasuke vs. Naruto fight:

1. Naruto will talk-no-jutsu him.
2. Naruto wil defeat Sasuke by his own power then Nardo will TNJ’ed him.
3. Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke will finally reach…


Sakura still hasn't had her chance to "save Sasuke from the darkness" from actions alone, maybe now she will finally get her chance to help free him from the darkness inside him

Am I the only one that actually expected this to happen, because, news flash, Sasuke’s redemption kind of somehow still needs to happen?


chill down people. yes, the last few chapters showed us a Sasuke that was re thinking his actions and his past choices.

But this was only one part of his redemption. If you actually expected him to get redeemed all by himself, then sorry, but this is not how it works.

The rest is up to Naruto and Sakura.

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